Demountable Systems Can Transform Your Office Post-Pandemic

What will our workplace look like when we return to work? Major global design firms foresee that the COVID-19 will impact workplace design for years to come. More than ever, designers are advised to adopt future-proof products and concepts that will help organizations navigate through the major impact events such as the one we are currently living.

Demountable and Moveable architectural walls are the perfect example of furniture solutions that meets the clean and safe environment. Employers can install and reconfigure them without a major renovation, demolition. Line Systems offer quick and easy installations that can be constructed quickly with minimal disruption to the workplace.

Line Systems offer three demountable wall systems that are clean and safe for the future of the office space: Glass Acoustic, Glass Slim U, Glass Skin, PA100 & Clip & Fix.


Line Systems have created a solution to focus on both the aesthetics and acoustics to fit a variety of high-quality specifications for the consumer. The Glass Acoustic is built with two glass panels which enables an attractive design with an acoustic performance up to 46.

The partition also allows for a choice of single or double glazing further increasing the customization of each project.

Glass Acoustic


Glass Slim U was designed with an aesthetic and technical philosophy that was used that enabled us to design a product that not only compartmentalizes space but also provides a true minimalist look to any workplace.

It is a strong competitor for its technical specifications as it allows for installation tolerances over 20mm and recently achieved an industry leading sound rating of 39.

Glass Slim U


Glass Skin is an office partition of superior performance, conceptualized for high-end projects where the concepts of robustness and minimalism are both present.

It is a structural partition that gives the feeling that it is built only with glass, with no vertical profiles in sight. The Glass Skin was developed in order to enable an acoustic performance up to 49 without compromising the aesthetics.

Glass Skin

pa 100

PA100 is a modular demountable partition that is composed of double independent panels allowing access points throughout its length. The system was developed according to the principles of modern partitioning systems. It is a versatile structure that allows for a wide range of finish options that include glass. It is the perfect solution for dynamic spaces.

Click & fix

Line Systems have created a new solution to help with post COVID-19, it is the clip-and-fix system, that was manufactured from the Glass Skin system and is pre-assembled in the factory. The Glass Skin meeting room for 6 people can be installed in 2 to 3 hours! If circumstances change and a need arises to create smaller or individual rooms, re-assembly is just as fast, and 100% of the walls can be reused!


finding your perfect solution

Line System demountable systems work seamlessly together and offer high acoustics that don’t compromise on aesthetics. Installation is quick and easy without the dust of construction, these systems offer advanced adjustability giving you, or your client the ability to endlessly reconfigure and customize your office space.

It is not clear what our workspaces will look like in the months and years to come, but a clean and safe environment will play a major role in the foreseeable future. Easy to clean surfaces, easy installation architectural walls empower organizations to create dynamic workplaces that can suit multiple purposes.


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