Dividing screens

For your protection

transparent acrylic panels and a black metal structure reminiscent of steel-framed windows, this new system offers a minimalistic solution to bacteria spread.

Now that employees are returning to the workspace, there are many post-pandemic challenges on how to keep workspaces safe and providing physical separation in open workspace floors. There are several products out there which can help with deciding a solution that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Canadian Interiors magazine has you covered in what to look for in their article on dividing screens: for your protection. You can view the full article here

Spacestor are serious about providing solutions for your office. Their range of Palisades offer a flexible and attractive solution to zoning your office space. The Palisades Vista range includes protective screening options that meet the needs of the post-Covid workplace thoughtfully and aesthetically. You can find out more about the Vista range here

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