Hotel X

Dramatic rooftop area, a three level 10,000 square feet venue that is open to the public, cantilevers over the tower with an indoor and outdoor pool with an installed Renlita S-2000 custom opening solution.


With a product like Tudelü, you can incorporate custom designs on your retractable walls making it the perfect solution for corporate, residential and educational sectors.

PWC Vancouver

Automatic moveable wall system installed at PWC Vancouver using Dormakaba’s ComfortDrive in this outstanding office application.

Moveable Walls & Architectural Daylighting Specialists


Leading Specialists

Moveable walls and architectural daylighting specialists in Canada & North Eastern USA.

40 Years Experience

Combined as a premiere installing distributor in North America

Inspiring Products

Collection of inspirational products to transform any space

Leading specialists in Moveable and Architectural Daylighting with a collection of inspirational products to transform any space. We have 40 year’s combined experience as a premiere installing distributor in North America.

ModernfoldStyles Reveal New Showroom

Skyfold, Modernfold, PK30 Systems, Klein and more!

Frameless vs Framed

When choosing interior glass doors and walls, one of the first decisions should be whether or not the framing should be visible to the occupants of the space.

Renlita offers counterweight balanced technology to ensure smooth operation and durability.

Renlita are known for their custom openings, renowned US based large door manufacturer. They are launching the ground-breaking Renlita A750 Nufold!

Kalwall in the Healthcare Market

Creating healthy buildings to best serve the people inside them is Kalwall’s mission. Providing innovative solutions to bring natural daylight into the places where we work, live and go to heal is critical to maintaining health and elevating our ability to perform.

From clear to opaque – as if by Magic

Transparency is an essential design component in any modern room configuration. Using Magic Glass to switch elements to opaque to avoid disruption.

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