Legacy Magnet academy

Case study by Solatube

Product Used


Tustin, California


Steam Plant, Ltd.

Create a one-of-a-kind campus that will
empower students to think, create, adapt and

A striking and high-performing daylighting solution was used to meet design goals and promote a healthy and inspiring learning environment.

The Tustin Legacy Magnet Academy in Tustin, CA, is at the forefront of educational curricula with a complete commitment to collective learning and the entrepreneurial spirit. With a passion to uplift students and a focus on Technology, Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship (TIDE), the Tustin Legacy Magnet Academy sought to create a one-of-a-kind, 1,600-acre campus to empower both middle school and high school students to think, create, adapt and invent.

To properly daylight the campus and meet design goals, the Tustin Legacy Magnet Academy utilized the Solatube Brighten Up Series 290 DS units.

Solatube International worked closely with the design team to create a striking and high-performing solution which entailed placing the 30 foot long vertical Solatube tubes inside corrugated metal tubes to create a one-of-a-kind effect where the broad spectrum daylight would perfectly illuminate the space below. The beautiful long tubes not only enhance the building design but feature minimal light loss due to Solatube’s advanced optics and superior Spectralight Infinity tubing material. Additionally, Solatube Daylight Dimmers were also fitted to each Solatube system allowing teachers and staff to adjust room daylight levels simply and easily.

The exterior design took great inspiration from the iconic M.C.A.S. hangar bay doors next door. These designs include the use of all wood-framed construction, parabolic shaped roofs, outdoor trellis, and curtain walls.

This dynamic design resulted in an extraordinary space, delivering distinct personality to the Tustin Legacy Magnet Academy. The concept of energy savings and sustainability are demonstrated to the students throughout the campus – not just in the textbooks – and both students
and teachers alike will reap the many benefits provided by natural light.


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