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elevator shafts are the largest vertical penetration in a building

Smoke Guard make flexible containment solutions for building code smoke protection requirements at the elevator opening and surrounding areas.

Smokeguard Elevator M600


Elevator Smoke

For fire protection engineers who want to provide architects with the utmost freedom when designing elevator lobbies, the M600 Smoke Curtain is an ideal solution.


Elevator Smoke

The M400 is available in a variety of sizes and offers more installation options than its sibling, the M200. Fire protection engineers and architects who want to maximize space in elevator lobbies and maintain code-compliant smoke and fire containment should consider combining the M400 with the fire-rated doors already present on most elevators.

Smokeguard Elevator M400
Smokeguard Elevator M200


Elevator Smoke

Fire protection engineers who need an economical solution to smoke and fire containment for elevator lobbies should consider the M200 Smoke Curtain. In combination with the fire-rated doors used in nearly all elevators, these curtains provide comprehensive and code-compliant draft, smoke and fire control.

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