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Smoke Guard was incorporated in 1991 and operated as an independent company manufacturing smoke containment systems for the elevator opening until the RectorSeal Corporation purchased it in September 2004. In the autumn of 2009 we enhanced our product offering enabling us to provide flexible fire and smoke curtain systems to protect a wide range of building openings.

Smokeguard Elevator


Our compact smoke and draft control assembly deploys on local smoke detection to seal the fire-rated elevator door from vertical smoke migration. This assembly satisfies the IBC requirement for elevator opening protection – no enclosed lobby required.

Smokeguard Vertical


 Vertically deploying opening protectives enable clean, space-conserving, code compliance and leaves a minimal footprint in a building. Available in both fire and smoke-rated high performance fabrics the Smoke Guard line of flexible curtains covers a wide range of opening sizes.

Smokeguard Horizontal


Ever been forced to eliminate or reduce an atrium from your project? Fire-rated horizontally deploying curtains can bisect an atrium between floors, compartmentalizing space. By creating two-story compartments, mechanical smoke evacuation systems may be greatly reduced.

Smokeguard Perimeter


Accordion-style fire-rated perimeter curtain offers a whole new type of opening protection – no corner posts necessary. This system may be configured as open, such as an “L” or “U” shape, or closed completely like a box. The Smoke Guard “Super Senor” feature for detecting obstructions!

Smokeguard Draft


Fixed or deployable? Smoke Guard offer both! Whether you are working on a warehouse, airplane hangar, high-end retail or office space, they have the draft curtain for you!  Available in typical smoke-rated fabric, and fire-rated should you require it, the systems are engineered for your application

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