reduce expensive repairs or even a replacement. Ensure the longevity of your architectural product with Bravura care

Our experienced service technicians have years of experience in the service, maintenance and repair of all makes and models of operable walls and accordion partitions, demountable walls, door systems, fire and security doors, translucent wall systems and skylight repair and replacements.

Planned Maintenance

Our planned maintenance service ensures the longevity of moveable wall installations. It reduces the likelihood that expensive repairs or a replacement wall may be required for any manufacturer. Schedule the maintenance program to suit the wall usage, we will identify and eliminate the cause of operational difficulties and excessive wear and tear.

Our experience shows that there is usually a marked reduction in the sound reducing performance as damaged or poorly working peripheral seals compromise the acoustic integrity. This can be prevented with a regular maintenance of the moveable wall as it may cause complaints from users and in the worst case, loss of revenue because of poor acoustic performance.

We employ some of the most experienced moveable wall experts who can diagnose and repair most manufactured moveable walls and sliding, folding, demountable systems also including door systems, fire and security doors, translucent wall systems and skylight repair and replacements. 

Bravura Service Programmes
Bravura Service Repairs and Refurbishment

Repairs & Refurbishment

A complete replacement of a moveable wall is usually unavailable due to the supply and installation costs. A system being out of action for a prolonged period of time can cause loss of revenue. Where there has been eternal damage to panel faces, or just to keep up with changing environments, we are able to replace panel faces or decorate with bright, fresh colours.

Small – Scale Replacement

Small-scale replacement of worn and damaged parts may be carried out during the service (subject to availability of parts), and on completion of all service work, you will be provided with:

  • A full breakdown of any recommended repairs and costs
  • Notification of areas of your walls operation that may need attention in the future
  • Notification and advice regarding any health and safety issues
Bravura Service Small Scale Replacement
Modernfold Service
Line Systems HQ
Kalwall Service

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