Prosperity using demountable WALLs 

written by denyse zajakovski

what are demountable walls?

Demountable walls are exactly that, walls that de-mount. The systems can be disassembled, moved and reassembled within the same or a separate space, creating a brand new environment offering audio and visual privacy, while creating a more productive work environment. First introduced as a group of freestanding units in the mid 1960’s the ‘Action Office’, created by Bob Propst and George Nelson. This three-walled office-space designed to be open while providing each individual privacy they needed, this was the invention of the cubicle. The cubical became a standard in open office layout design and started a revelation in office trends which opened an entirely new industry.

There are a couple of commonly used demountable system types, modular and unitized. A Modular system offering almost unlimited customization options making them the more expensive but highly satisfying and complimentary within a space. Unitized wall systems emphasize being easy-to-use, typically prefabricated panels that require only basic assembly and can be moved frequently in a short period.

Demountable partitions are commonly used in large open office settings where floorplans tend to need periodic updating or reworking in order to meet business needs. Instead of closing an office for a few weeks while demolition then renovation take place, a team of experienced professionals would reconfigure a space within hours.

Demountable partition systems offer a multitudes of benefits from providing added flexibility alongside sustainable features, integrated tech. and saving the business money long term through a reduction of material and cleaning costs on top of reducing staff ‘down-time’ traditionally taken during an office renovation. What more could you ask for from a wall? Actually, there is more!

Today modern office spaces are designed with an open concept layout in mind, many using a type of cubical. This can result in a loud and distracting work environment, resulting in lower production. In order to tone down the distractions within an office space consider this, demountable walls not only reach a 53 STC but can be fitted with custom film, providing audio and visual blocking. Think of a growing business with it’s quickly changing needs. Demountable walls provide the flexibility to restructure a singular room or an entire office very quickly, verses interfering with day-to-day operations and creating a messy traditional drywall renovation.

Partition walls can increase or reduce the cost effectiveness as well as the sustainability of a renovation. If a business/property owner is looking for an environmentally friendly solution then demountable partitions should be a top consideration. Offering the ability to reconfigure floor layouts, without the added pressure of acquiring additional materials, then be disassembled and reassembled again and again providing long term capital and environmental incentives.

final thoughts

In the light of the pandemic we are all currently facing, combined with the growing popularity of being able to work when and where we want office spaces are in for some big changes. Remote work is on the rise, along with the popularity of large and small collaborative meeting spaces, when the need to work in-person does arise. I believe the flexibility that demountable walls offer will become a superior asset. Installing them now, will put you one step ahead!

Demountable walls are a smart way of creating audio and visual privacy, inspire space flexibility, integrate technology, save money on materials, construction, and cleaning over the life of the building. Meanwhile creating a more productive, encouraging, and safe work environment for both staff and clients.

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