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custom operable opening inside office in toronto

Top Hat is a platform that helps educators take advantage of the technology students are already bringing into the classroom: their smartphones. Top Hat helps educators take attendance, administer polls, games, quizzes and share lecture notes – all by connecting to students’ mobile devices. With Top Hat, every educator has the tools to make class fun and engaging.

We worked alongside Ray Inc. and General Contractors Arguson Projects on this 43,887 sq. ft. space in downtown Toronto. We were contracted to provide a solution that had the exibility to open when required and also be used as a private boardroom and meeting space.

Two custom opening doors were selected to divide the boardroom and reception area. A black powder coated nish was chosen to create a contrast between the clean white walls and the door separation.

We offer high quality custom opening solutions in Ontario and Quebec. We invite you to contact us to learn more about this project and how we can be your partner in future projects!

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