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take advantage of these online courses and webinars in the coming weeks provided by us, and our manufacturers!

Thursday Nov 4 @ 12pm EST

Demountable Partition Systems

An entertaining and educational hour covering utilization of Demountable Partitions to facilitate natural light and views, the construct and technical aspects of Demountable systems and finally boosted user experience.

Tuesday Nov 9 @ 12pm EST

Daylighting & Sustainable Design

Thursday Nov 11 @ 12PM EST

Modern Operable Wall Systems

From simply reconfiguring a room to completely changing how it is entered and exited, operable wall partition systems make rooms more efficient and maximize space by implementing superior technologies. Join us in this one-hour course as we go beyond the basics of operable partitions to address layout, operating clearances, panel construction, and acoustical elements. By the end of this course, design professionals will learn how all of these components work together to impact a project’s environment in term of health, well-being, and space management.

Tuesday Nov 16 @ 12pm EST

Inspiring Applications of Tubular Daylighting

AIA Credit: 1 LU/HSW

The use of tubular daylighting devices (TDDs) has traditionally been considered as simply
a functional way to deliver daylight into a building where windows and skylights could
not. However, as architects encounter daylighting challenges from not only a practical, but
also an aesthetic standpoint, they are now exploring how TDDs can be used as a design
tool. This session will study inspiring applications of Tubular Daylighting Devices around the
world that deliver daylight into spaces with a unique aesthetic that complements the
overall design. By merging both form and function, architects can create inspiring
environments that also meet the health, safety, welfare and sustainability goals for the

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how TDDs can be used as an effective daylighting strategy differentlythan windows and skylights
  • Discover the role TDDs can play with health, safety and welfare of building occupants
  • Review how TDDs can be used as a daylighting strategy for sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives
  • Explore how TDDs can be implemented in inspiring and innovative ways with both
    design and functional objectives being met

Tuesday Nov 18 @ 11am EST

Revolutionizing Flexible Space

In this seminar, design professionals, general contractors, owners or facility managers will gain a thorough understanding flexible spaces using automated operable partition. We will compare and contrast three types of partitions, understand the acoustics in flexible spaces and cover structural needs, cost and life cycles.


Tuesday Nov 23 @ 12pm EST

Sustainable Design using highly insulated diffused natural daylight

Objectives of this course will be to have the participants leave with the ability to understand the health, safety, productivity, protection and aesthetic benefits of Natural daylighting in occupied spaces. The benefits to the occupants of a space with diffused sunlight (no glare) instead of direct sunlight (glare). Understanding Natural Daylight improves occupant’s attendance productivity and health. Also the benefits of designing with low solar heat gain to lower the energy costs of cooling and high insulation properties benefiting the efficiency of heating of the building. There will also be explanation about providing safety of occupants egressing a building during a fire. Attendees will also learn about safety of providing a daylighting material, which can meet OSHA fall through, windborne debris, blast resistance and explosion venting protection.


Structures Unlimited Inc. is a registered provider with the AIA. This program will provide one AIA/CES Learning Unit – Contact Hour – Health/Safety/Welfare.

Thursday Nov 25 @ 12pm EST

Through the Looking Glass: Moveable Glass Partition Systems

One of the best ways to craft unique and welcoming environments is by adding openness and natural light to a space. Join us in this one-hour course as we discuss utilizing glass operable walls to facilitate natural light and views in a variety of applications to meet the diverse needs of different markets. By the end of this presentation, you will be able to identify features and benefits of glass operable wall systems, especially increased social and emotional well-being for occupants and increased sustainability.