pk-30 systems

meticulously designed and engineered aluminum demountable wall system providing a flexible, environmentally friendly effective way to divide interior space. 

The system can be used in widely varying configurations including sliding doors, pocket doors, swing doors, folding walls and fixed panels. All utilizing the same aluminum profiles resulting in a unified design program. The system accepts any .” to .” thick panel material allowing unlimited design choices.

Satin anodized finishing gives the material a soft sheen that resists corrosion and easy to clean.


The Centerfold demountable system from PK30 Systems is a high quality accordion wall hardware system for variable room partitions up to 39 feet in width. The suspension point for this system is located at the panel centre. Extremely wide installations are possible without bottom guide channels. 

PK30 Centrefold
PK30 Variofold


Variofold is a high quality bi-folding wall system. A bottom guide channel provides firm stability for installations with more than two doors per side.


SVariotec is a sliding stacking solution. Its modular, pluggable track system will follow your plans around and into every corner, giving you free rein even for large-scale installations. You may neatly stack a virtually limitless number of panels in the parking area. The sliding/stacking top tracks may be bent to customer specifications within 15 to 90 degrees.

PK30 Variotec

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