National Daylight Appreciation Day & National Selfie Day

Wednesday June 21st is National Daylight Appreciation Day

Wow – What a time to be alive! In North America, there are over 1400 national days celebrated from National Star Wars Day (May 4th) to National Step in the Puddle and Splash your Friends Day (January 11th), so it would make perfect sense that on the most important resources we have get its own appreciation day (i’m talking about daylight and not selfies, albeit selfies seem to be an important resource for some politicians).

Thats why we are Bravura are combining National Daylight Appreciation Day WITH National Selfie Day on June 21st 2017 by using both hashtags #Daylight and #NationalSelfieDay or try using our celebrity name mash up style #Dayfie (this hashtag will most certainly be an #epicfail). Take a selfie of how you enjoy daylight, either outdoors or in then check out how the rest of the world celebrates the sun!

National Daylight Appreciation Day recognizes summer solstice (the longest day of daylight in the northern hemisphere) and encourages people to celebrate the many benefits of the sun. National Daylight Appreciation Day is also a day to learn more about the importance of daylighting. Daylighting is using skylights, windows and other architectural openings to natural light interior spaces. Doing so helps not only to reduce energy consumption but more importantly, has multiple health benefits. Daylight has positive psychological effects; it can boost your mental health and help to lower depression as well as help with increased energy levels. The Vitamin D that we naturally get from the sun has many healthy benefits for us, and can be easily and cost-effectively introduced into your home and workplace.

Here’s the top five reasons why to introduce daylight into your workplace and home:

Reason #1 – Full Spectrum Daylighting Renders Colours Better

Have you ever dressed in a black shirt only to find out it’s actually navy when viewed in sunlight? This occurs because electric lighting in homes can range in hue from bluish to yellowish, which shifts the perceived colour of fabrics when viewed under them. Natural lgiht, on the other hand, provides the truest colour rendition of all light sources. With daylighting as your main light source, mix-ups are not a problem because colours are rendered in their natural state without shifts.

Reason #2 – Daylighting Reduces Maintenance

Keeping your lights operational takes a certain amount of regular maintenance. When a bulb goes out, for instance, you have to replace it. That means you’ll have to make a trip to the store to buy bulbs. Then you may have to climb onto a wobbly chair or a ladder to swap the burned out bulb for the new one. After that, you’ll need to properly dispose of the old bulb in the trash or, if its a compact fluorescent bulb, at a hazardous waste facility. Then consider that, at some pint, all your electric lights will require a bulb change. That’s a lot of work! With a high performance translucent system such as Kalwall or a tubular daylighting system such as Solatube, there are no bulbs to change. You also won’t need to worry about repairing frayed cords, damaged plugs or malfunctioning outlets because our daylighting systems don’t use them. This also makes them extremely safe to use. 

Reason #3 – Daylighting is Convenient

How many times do you turn on your electric lights each day? Have you ever found yourself struggling to flip the light switch with an elbow or shoulder when your hands are full of groceries or laundry, or when you’re coming into your office struggling with your 3L’s – latte, laptop and lifeline (cell phone)? Do you find yourself constantly reminding others in your household to turn off the lights when they’re not in the room, or your shop employees when they leave the back warehouse? When you use a high performance daylighting system or device, you’ll never have to flip a switch again.  The systems deliver daylight consistently throughout the day, so you’ll have the light you need without having to lift a finger. Plus, you won’t have to nag anyone to turn off the lights because there is no electricity being used that will go to waste (unless it’s Jimmy in the warehouse who’s a Yankees fan – then make sure you always nag him regardless).

Reason #4 – Daylighting Saves you Money

It’s simple – each time you flip on your electric lights, you pay a fee to your energy company to power them. The more you use your lights, the more you pay. A tubular daylighting device or Kalwall translucent system uses solar energy to light your workplace or home. That means you’ll pay nothing to light your offices during the daytime because you’re not using any electricity. But what happens on an overcast or stormy day? The highly refined optics engineered in all of our daylighting systems will still provide light by harvesting any and all available light, not just having to rely on clear access to the sun. Bravura offers free daylight analysis using historical weather data for your area to ensure the right products are used in the right places for ample daylight based on your requirements.

Reason #5 – Daylight Makes You Happy

One of the best reasons to daylight your workplace and home is because it offers many personal benefits. For example, it can improve your mood, reduce eye strain, make you more productive, boost your concentration, and help you sleep better at night. Environments with unvaried lighting (i.e., electric lighting) can product low-level sensory deprivation, which results in boredom, fatigue, lack of concentration, lowered mental capacity, and even depression. The variable lighting offered by daylighting provides mental stimulation by clueing you into what’s happening outside as weather changes and clouds shifts through the sky – even when you don’t sit in the corner office.




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