how line systems contributes to wellbeing 

in the workplace

integration of mindfulness and wellbeing into

the workplace can enhance and promote

personal care & stress management

Workplaces face increasing challenges and encounters daily. This can result in high stress which can result in an overall decrease in organization efficiency and effectiveness and low employee and workplace morale. All these factors combined, can lead to decreased employee productivity and an increase in employee absenteeism and fatigue. The integration of mindfulness and wellbeing into the workplace can enhance and promote personal care and stress management.


Research shows that the average office worker spends approximately 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desk. This can result in potential health issues such as diabetes and increased risk of obesity. It is very important that the workplace keeps employees motivated and optimistic to complete tasks. The incorporation of Line Systems in your workplace addresses these risks by promoting movement through workplace design and full control of workspace layouts to meet your desired design needs.


Insufficient lighting in the workplace can cause great discomfort such as headaches, eyestrain and glares which all can be avoided. Poor lighting can also cause office workers to lack energy and become irritable. Line Systems glass office partitions enhance and promote natural and artificial lighting giving employees a boost of energy and confidence to perform better and execute tasks with minimal errors and in a timely manner. Workplaces that enhance lighting, colors and views help employees connect with one another and be fully present and engaged.


A comfortable workplace requires functional furniture, appropriate nose levels and temperature. All these factors will positively affect the overall productivity of office workers, ultimately affecting the overall organization. Line Systems not only has a visually appealing appearance but also is fully customizable to users needs. The partitions also have a high STC rating so that minimal sound is transferred from one room to another allowing office workers to work in peace.

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