Structural-Glass Beams

Not only are they all-glass bridges entire safe, they are also highly functional and incomparably beautiful.

Glass Flooring Systems create glass that serves not just as a beautiful aesthetic component, but also as an actual structural element. When they create structural-glass beams and use them to construct entire footbridges and catwalks from pure glass, the glass fulfils requirements in both form and function. Its ability to support the structure and look beautiful while doing so defies the idea that these footbridges and other elevated walkways require heavy steel beams and hefty pieces of hardware girding them from above and below.

To create a structure from glass using Structural-Glass Beams, Glass Flooring Systems partner with glass-specific engineering experts who work closely with architects and are responsible for assessing site conditions, conceptualizing designs, and defining structural specifications. Each beam is constructed from layers of tempered, low-iron safety glass and utilize the latest technology in SentryGlas™ interlayers. Each beam is precisely machined, drilled, edged, and polished to create a stunning architectural showpiece with incredible structural integrity.

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To assist you in designing a structural-glass footbridge or other elevated walkway using structural-glass beams, we work in lockstep with your architect and structural planners to bring your concepts and visions to reality.

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