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Today’s building and construction techniques are leaning into a more green program. When moving into a space, as a business or personal endeavor, the options are endless but putting your own personality into a space is a necessity.

Renovation, restoration, retrofitting, gutting. The requirements of each site and project are always different, we want structures and spaces to stand out. But renovating and adding to the already overwhelming amount of waste produced in the construction industry is something that is starting to keep people up at night. How can we bring our new and exciting ideas to life while developing and maintaining a long-term sustainable strategy?

Ontario alone produces about 14.2 million tonnes of construction, renovation and demolition waste every year.  This equates to roughly 22% of all garbage in Ontario as being created by the construction, renovation and demolition sector, while only about 12% being diverted for reuse, leaving a whopping 88% heading to landfills. This is not ideal. While construction and demolition waste is separated to an extent, as there is a value in recycling, metals can be re-smelted and aggregates and asphalt are reused in driveways, roadways and a multitude of other bases or foundations.  The amount of waste created is still alarmingly high.

In our homes the trend of reusing materials in a renovation, there are companies that will deconstruct your entire home by hand saving every possible piece down to the nails for reuse during a renovation. Buying used materials from places like Restore has boomed as well over the past few years. Sustainable practices are the new normal in the construction industry.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. There is a reason for the order of this saying. If we started each project with Reduction in mind, reducing what we consume within a build. We can plan ahead to ensure we choose the most flexible elements within the construct. Choosing Reusable interior elements, such as demountable partition systems, means starting with a product you know can and will be reused within the space instead of being taken to the dump during the next fit-up.

Demountable partition systems can be a great first step, beginning with a product that you know can be reused and will reduce the amount of recyclable materials ending up in the landfills. Demountable glass walls encourage the free flow of natural light while maintaining privacy for each enclosed area. This solution allows light to penetrate without the need for a full visual enclosure, it also allows for human connection via lines of sight. Incorporating features that serve both functional, decorative and sustainable purposes can serve a space long-term enhancing both the human experience and cost-effective strategy.  

Reach out today for assistance in making your next project as green as possible. Whether you are looking into flexible space management solutions, Biophilic design elements or Daylighting materials we have the solutions your looking for. In addition to the knowledge, know-how and the understanding you need for a smooth purchase and installation experience.

Blog Written by Denyse Zajakovski

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