Regularly Servicing your Moveable Wall is Beneficial

Like any piece of mechanical equipment, service and upkeep is required to maintain the longevity of the product. Moveable and operable partitions are no different when it comes to requiring great service. At Bravura, our planned maintenance program is designed to keep your moveable partitions running smoothly and free from errors. The service is performed by experienced moveable partition experts who can maintain, diagnose and repair most manufactured moveable, operable, retractable and folding partitioning systems.

Our planned maintenance program should be used periodically to help prevent future problems down the road, and in turn, saves you money. Our experts will evaluate your product and decide what the best option is for your moveable partition depending on your usage and chosen system. 

Bravura’s planned maintenance program can include: repairs and refurbishment, small scale replacement, and service check-ins/evaluations. We provide a full breakdown of costs, possible areas to focus attention on in the future, assistance and health and safety concerns and safe demonstration of correct use of your system. A combination of these preventative measures, your moveable partition can be operating as well as when you first installed it. 

How often should i perform a planned maintenance, service or inspection?

The frequency of a maintenance program is dependent on how often your partition system is moved or operated. If your moveable partition is in use several times a week we would recommend scheduling an annual service. If your partitions are moved more often, such as daily we would recommend a semi-annual program.

Why do i need to schedule a service when my partition/s are working well?

Performing maintenance before a problem occurs can ensure the longevity of a moveable partition and reduces the likelihood of expensive repairs or even a replacement, if required.

How much does it cost?

The maintenance cost can appear high however, compared to the cost of a replacement it can typically cost less than 2%.

Why are the panels hard to move?

This can be a result of poor lubrication and dirt build up on the tracks. Cleaning the tracks and lubrication of the trolley will keep the panels moving smoothly. We can clean, adjust, and lubricate the intersections to ensure the partitions can operate on a clean track.

How much does it cost?

The maintenance cost can appear high however, compared to the cost of a replacement it can typically cost less than 2%.

What products do we service?

We are committed to protecting your operable and glass wall investment.

We provide exceptional service not only for the products we help design, sell and install, but also service a wide array of other manufacturers? products. Our qualified and knowledgeable service and maintenance experts will partner with you to help maximize your investment to ensure your operable walls and glass door partitions are operating safely and properly.

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