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moveable wall systems for modern spaces

Intelligent solutions are needed that facilitate multifunctional room configuration combined with openness and – when required – transparency as well. Without moveable wall systems, you have the capability of harmoniously combining daylight flooded and sound insulated room concepts. Huppe consists of a series of product designs for modern living spaces that are increasingly, flexible and perfect for space utilization that is becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibition centres, studios, and similar.

Variflex 88

The Dorma Hüppe development team took on the significant challenge of achieving better sound insulation with a lighter, thinner partition wall – and solved the problem with impressive effective with the Variflex 88 which is currently available up to 4100mm high.

The newly developed design exhibits a high degree of imperviousness, complemented by optimized profiles and sealing strips to product outstanding sound reduction values of up to Rw 60dB with a wall thickness of 88mm, the weight per unit area is also significantly reduced, bringing both structural and handling benefits.

Dorma Huppe Variflex 88
Dorma Huppe Variflex


Dorma’s Variflex system provides you with a wide choice of elements and stacking arrangements. Its high level of flexibility, even in the case of complicated room proportions where sloping ceilings or circular spaces have to be accommodated, ensures that you have all the benefits for ideal functionality.

From genuine wood veneers to décor surfaces and even rugged functional finishes, we can offer you a wide range of high-quality solutions to meet your design specifications. With extensive collections to choose from, there are no limits to the individual surface finishes that you can incorporate.

Variflex product range includes acoustic moveable walls up to 48 feet high. These conventional manual seal moving walls offer sound reductions up to STC 57 and a 30 minute fire rating.


Varitrans glass wall provides an attractive solution which can be incorporated to provide a tailored atmosphere, enhancing the aesthetics of a room in every aspect. The panels can be operated manually or automatically at the touch of a button using Dormakaba’s ComfortDrive system.

Dorma’s Varitrans is ideal for store fronts, restaurants, church halls, airports, showrooms or offices, and anywhere that space division is required without the need for acoustics. Varitrans can be fully customized with manifestations for a range of applications including screen printing, etching, and logo placement within the panel faces, helping businesses to communicate with their customers and reinforce their corporate identity.

Single and double pass doors can be incorporated allowing pedestrian access routes within the need of breaking down the wall, enforcing the flexibility offered with the Dormakaba range of products.

Dorma Huppe Varitrans


Having previously completed an outstanding custom project for PWC, Bravura was once again called upon to provide exceptional service unparalleled finishes at the new facility in Vancouver. Working with distinguished design firm DIALOG and esteemed interior contractor Fusion Projects, we were able to take this incredible project from canvas to completion.

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